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Reef Relief

A portion of the sale of “Grouchy” the crab will be donated to Reef Relief of the Florida Keys which is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improve and protect our coral reef ecosystem. Grouchy the Crab is available for purchase in our suites for $14.95.

Reef Relief began in 1987 with the installation of reef mooring buoys in Key West. That first step became a system of 116 buoys at 7 reefs that have  been maintained for 10 years. Reef Relief has created coral nurseries to save storm-damaged corals in the Florida Keys and Bahamas. They have supported the creation of marine protected areas such as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Negril (Jamaica) Marine Park, and established the Key West Marine Park in cooperation with the City of Key West. They have helped install buoys and establish programs throughout the Caribbean, including mooring buoys, a coral survey and operation of the volunteer-staffed Captain Roland Roberts House Environmental Center in Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco, Bahamas.

The Clean Water Campaign has led the effort to identify sewage contamination, agricultural runoff, cruise ships, boats, and other sources of pollution that are affecting water quality at coral reefs in South Florida and around the globe. They have studied the issues, identified solutions, and guided policy development through implementation for a range that includes advanced, nutrient stripping waste treatment for the City of Key West, establishment of a boater No Discharge Zone in the Florida Keys, passage of a phosphate ban for laundry detergents, approval of bans on offshore oil drilling and exploration for South Florida, increased state standards for shallow injection wells, and a host of other actions. Reef Relief has been a watchdog for coral reef and with your support, will continue to be.

Reef Relief main goals are to:

  • Increase public awareness of the importance and value of living coral reef ecosystems
  • Increase scientific understanding and knowledge of living coral reef ecosystem
  • Strengthen grassroots community-based efforts to protect coral reef ecosystems
  • Design, develop, and help implement marine protected areas associated with coral reef ecosystems
  • Encourage and support eco-tourism as part of sustainable community development that protects and preserves coral reef ecosystems
  • Strengthen our organizational capacity to carry out our mission

Reef Relief works towards their goal through the Discover Coral Reef School Program. This program introduces fourth grade students to the value and importance of the surrounding coral reef ecosystem through classroom presentations, film and art.  During summer months, Reef Relief offers Coral Camp for Kids a unique opportunity for children to learn about coastal environments, the basics of ocean ecology, and the threats facing the survival of these ecosystems. Coastal Cleanup, Reef Education, and the Reef Relief Environmental Center where they promote active support for coastal resource protection of our coral reef ecosystem, its threats and what can be done to protect our coastal resources are all other ways Reef Relief works towards their goals.

Thank you for your support! Be sure to visit their website at